Meet ShadÈ y. Adu

Shade Y. Adu, a personal brand strategist, speaker and founder of Savvy Solutions Consulting LLC, offers a range of professional development services through her brand name in order to help clients reach their maximum potential in their respective businesses, without common issues, difficulties and hindrances getting in the way. Trained specifically to help individuals strategize and establish a brand name, with years of experience as a motivational speaker and life coach, Ms. Adu and Savvy Solutions Consulting offer creative solutions and set realistic objectives to set individuals and their brands for new and emerging online leaders.

Ms. Adu particularly specializes in personal branding, speaking, social media solutions and offers her services to individuals, businesses, organizations and corporations of all scales and sizes. The three major services offered by Shade Y. Adu include the following:

Personal Branding Expert 

With a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs, Shade offers personal branding services in order to increase market clarity, visibility and profitability for all small and large businesses.  Shade ensures that the businesses are put on the map and thereby increases profitability by getting word across to all, and giving the business an edge over all competition. Shade offers one on one coaching packages, masterclasses, live trainings, and digital products and services. If you are looking to work with a brand coach that wants to take your brand brilliance to the next level. Click the link below to learn more.

international Speaker & Trainer

An experienced international motivational speaker and brand diversity expert, Shade is also well known to transform lives at individual levels through her motivational speeches at colleges, conferences, corporations and churches. An unmatched leader, Shade’s experience also enables her to convert people around her into effective leaders for a brighter future. Over her long and illustrious career so far, Shade’s spoken at and facilitated a large number of workshops across the world, including universities, schools and other educational institutions on countries like Kazakhstan, Ghana, and the United States. With a keen sense of strategy and a knack for planning and execution, Shade’s enjoyed a track record of successful project, impacting lives and businesses with great skill and ability.