Supercharge Your Brand in 30 Days

Hello 2017!

 By now the ball has dropped and the glitter of the shiny new year has faded and some of those new resolutions sound like a distant memory.

You made a commitment to yourself that this year would be different. Your business will be profitable and you will finally create the lifestyle of your dreams. I am here to support you on this brand building journey.

Your brand is lifeline to your business and a great brand on a rising track will always ensure that your business keeps growing and that the clients keep coming in.

Just a year ago, I was becoming profitable but I needed to take it to the next level and have it more known and bigger than it currently was at that time, and this led me to researching and learning about ways to make this happen.


I then decided to start implementing steps which eventually helped me supercharge my brand. I eventually started gaining more exposure for my brand, more revenue, more following, and this put my brand on a rising track ever since. Within a year I 3.5X my business. I spoke around the country, sold digital products internationally, and severed 1000's online. I helped my clients create over $300,000+ in new revenue and many of my clients have been featured on television and in popular publications around the world.


If you would have told me that I would be creating a multiple 6 figure business in 2017 I wouldn't have believed you. These shifts didn't happen overnight but if you follow these 3 tips you can be on the pathway of supercharged success within 30 days or less:

Do Daily Buzz Building Activities:

People should know about what you are doing before you do it. If you are about to launch a program or product, people should be aware of it before it is launched. Create the awareness by doing buzz building activities, and you should be consistent with this as well. Buzz building activities could range from webinars, live streaming, live events and several other things which can help you and your brand get seen. If you are not creating the awareness and building that fan base, you will not get the results that you want. In order for you to have a following, people need to find you, and you need to create a buzz in order for people to find you.

Be consistent on your preferred social media platform:

Whatever social media brand strategy you prefer to execute, be consistent with it. There are a lot of platforms used by branding owners in reaching out to their audience, which include Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter etc. Whichever one you fancy, make sure to be consistent with it, as this will gradually grow the level of your audience's engagement. This consistency has allowed me to grow my Periscope following to over 10,000 within less than 18 months.

Have a Call to Action:

As much as you think people already know what you want them to do, you have to tell people what you want them to do. A call to action is essential because the intentional message takes the guesswork out of what your audience is supposed to do next. With a clear, straightforward message, your audience understands, "Oh, the ad wants me to buy, or read, or engage, or do a defined task..." etc. Call to actions can be incorporated in your social media platforms, website or landing page. It is important that you always utilize this feature because you must tell your audience exactly what you want them to do.

I assure you that effectively putting these tips into action will help supercharge your brand in 30 days or less.

It's 2017 and I want to help you turn your passion/skill/talent into profit and start the year off like a boss. This is why I created the "Brand to Be in Demand 5-day Challenge". This challenge is designed to help thought leaders and experts just like you, build and visible and profitable brand.

The challenge begins January 23rd.

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