4 Steps for Going From $80 Coaching Services to $8k months

Every day, I receive numerous e-mails and messages from entrepreneurs around the world asking how they can make more money online. The answer to this question is simple; there is no right way to make money online. Your strategy, success and direct results depend on the brand called YOU.


When I first began coaching, I was only charging $80. I knew that I wanted and needed to make more money. I also knew that if I were going to be able to sustain my lifestyle, these current rates weren’t going to allow me to do so. I invested in a coach, learned how to leverage my time which led to me ultimately increasing my rates. From there, I started earning $8k a month from product launches. In fact, my most recent launch yielded more than $20,000.

Before you can start making more money, there are certain action steps required.


In this post, I will share with you four.


1) You must have clarity on your purpose and expertise: It is important to be clear about your purpose and start positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. Everyone, regardless of their niche market, wants to build a relationship with an expert, not an amateur. You have to position yourself as an expert, which includes knowing what u know, doing what u know and producing the results. Experts are easily recognizable, get paid more money and are paid more attention to. When you own your expertise, you maximize your earnings potential.


2)  Increase your visibility: One of the ways you can increase visibility is through content marketing. You must have a consistent voice across all social media platforms, as well as know the strategies and tools required to leverage each. Sharing consistent valuable content will attract potential customers.  


3) Being active on social media is a must. Social media platforms have billions of people constantly looking for people. You need to be where your audience is and create content which will enable them to buy your services and products. Social media is very effective in getting your content and message out to the right audience. This means, you must be clear about your offer and speak the language potential buyers need to hear from you.


4)  Invest in yourself. Always be willing to invest in the people, product and resources which can take your brand to its next level. Entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers should always be able to identify the right products for themselves and their brand. Many people complain about not having enough funds to make investments, but as an entrepreneur you have to find a way and do what the majority are unwilling to do to get to the next level.


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