3 Reasons You Should Consider Using Periscope for Your Business

It is an amazing opportunity to make connections: Periscope is one of the fastest social media building platforms, and it provides you the opportunity to meet and connect with people in real time. Real time connection with your audience will help build your brand exponentially, and this also plays a huge part in building stronger connections between your brand and your audience. With the number of connections which can be made on Periscope, you are exposed to more opportunities, and have potential to earn more as an entrepreneur. 

Compared to other platforms, the level engagement from using Periscope is phenomenal: When effectively used, Periscope enables you experience a high level of engagement with your audience. With Periscope, you get to connect with people around the world, and this can be a step in taking your brand global. You can be able to receive comments, feedback or testimonials in real time, and this is something you as an entrepreneur should take advantage of. 9 out of 10 people today have phones, and with internet access can use periscope. The number of Periscope users is steadily on the rise, and this is something you can leverage in building your brand. 

You can monetize this platform: With Periscope, you can make money by charging for private exclusive live stream classes/workshops. There definitely are people out there with interest in your field willing to pay to have you share information. You can as well, remarket these videos to those who already saw them and want to re-live the experience, or target those who missed the live stream and give them the chance to experience something they would have otherwise missed. There are numerous opportunities to make money using Periscope, which a lot of people are taking advantage of right now. 

Shade AduComment