3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Branding Coach

Shade Y. Adu -- Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, Coach, and Founder of

www.shadeyadu.com where we help women entrepreneurs brand their greatness

and profit from their brilliance.

To fulfill this goal, I teach my audience through the power of Social media and

Live Streaming. For them to know how to sell, bill, market, and brand digital

courses, programs, products, and services. If you are like me: someone who loves

to enjoy life and be around the world, you must make sure that you still have the

opportunities to make money wherever you are. I want to go over about one of

the reason why you should invest to a branding coach:

1. Message (Be Clear About Your Content)

This is if you do not know how to put the contents together. I do some content

development as "week 3" of my Brand Your Greatness Academy. I need you to be

strategic about your content. When I produce content it needs to be very

strategic because as a doctoral student, I also read a 400-page book. It needs to

have a return on investment. Moreover, before you do the content, you have to

know your message. If you do not know your message, you are going to create

the wrong content. Ask yourself, what is your marketplace message? I am a kind

of person who does not care much about the receipts, I care about the results.

Some coach can have your money in the bank but if they are not producing the

result, it means nothing to me. People would want to know what fruit every coach

is bearing. In line with this, they must be aware of what these clients are doing.

Furthermore, it is also important to know how to monetize the business. Be

aware and see if people are already doing what you plan to do. This is especially if

they are already making money with that particular niche. Keep in mind that you

need to know this information if you want your target audience to take the bite.

2. Market (Know Your Audience)

This is the problem with most people that I work with; they do not know their

audience. For example, if your audience is below the age of 21, they might not be

on periscope yet. Which means someone like me is probably unknown to them!

They may be using Snapchat, WhatsApp, or other ones that we don't know

about. In order for the puzzle pieces of your brand to come together, you have to

know your audience. Once you get clear about your message, once you get clear

about your market; your mission and your marketplace message, you never have

to do a million things to make a million dollars. Do focus on one thing and make

those million dollar aim. Achieving that amount doesn’t have to take forever.

3. Monetize the Business (Your Mission)

Now that you know who your audience is, and you have a clear message for your

market, then only you can easily identify their needs. Make people desire the

brand you created. This is how you will know that you need a Brand Strategist. It

doesn't matter where you are in the business!

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