3 Branding Tips from a Profitable Procrastinator

Not everyone carries out tasks in the same manner. Some people get to getting stuff done right away, while some stall and wait till a later time before getting things done. I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator. I wait till the last minute to do just about everything; my homework, papers, business related stuff etc.

But how do I cope with being a procrastinator?

I will in this article, be giving you tips that will enable you still be profitable even if you are a procrastinator.

1) If you have a digital product program or service, do it live: If you have a product i.e. a webinar, training and it takes you forever to get the videos or recordings done, you would want to start doing them live i.e. doing live webinars, live trainings etc. They necessarily do not have to be pre-recorded programs. As a procrastinator, it is important that your products are live, because it then forces you to create content. You can then bundle all the live content, repurpose it and sell them. As time goes by, you probably will have new subscribers who missed your previous webinars/trainings, who you can still sell your old bundled content to.

2) Set deadlines: Always give yourself deadlines that you need to meet, to enable you know when to get things accomplished. Develop a calendar system, which will help you track schedules. If you happen to be the type who forgets things, you can start by setting 5 minute reminders to inform you of tasks that need to be carried out or schedules to be met. Although you might be a procrastinator, remember that your goals are too important for you to be procrastinating. You cannot use procrastination as an excuse not to achieve your goals. 

3) Do not create a product until somebody buys: If you want your products to be profitable, follow this tip. For my products, I will already have an outline and idea for them, but I do not create them until they are bought. If you spend all your time creating content and spending no time promoting your product, you would end up having no buyers for a product which you put a lot of hard work into creating. If you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with creating your products and selling them too, switch to promoting and selling your product first, and gaining buyers before creating them. Once you have buyers, you will have the motivation to create your product. You can also sell your product in advance and use the money to hire someone to help you create it. Outsource some of the things you would do if you did not have the money. You want to make sure that you are allowing yourself to make some money first, which could be used as seed money to create your product. In following this tip, you need to make sure that you have an outline for your product, to at least know what you are selling. 


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