3 Lessons I Learned from Powerball & Yoga

By now you have probably heard about the huge Powerball prize that everyone is talking about. Even celebrities are staking a claim in the now billion dollar prize. Here is what I learned about branding from a yoga class and power ball this weekend. 


Your Brand Is Build Around Your Why?


Yesterday afternoon, my cousin hosted a private yoga party at her home. I have been in New Jersey for almost a month and I haven't seen her. My cousin has been extremely supportive of by business and has been my free99 makeup artist. I have been so busy that I couldn't even spare time to go visit her new place. 




I am not running a business so that I can be too busy to enjoy time with my family and friends. I am running an online business in order to spend more time with my awesome family and friends. 


I closed my laptop and drove to her house and enjoyed yoga and cucumbers. It felt great to be exercising again. (I forgot that some of those muscles even existed.) Learn from my faux pas. Don't get too busy in your business that you forget why you started your business.  


You Must Plan to Profit

For years, members of my family have fantasies about winning the lottery. We have even developed a plan and strategy to safely notify each other and how to wisely distribute the funds. If we would have won, we would have implemented our plan. Most lottery members don't have a plan. Just like these same lottery winners, many women coaches, creatives, and consults are running businesses on a whim. You have to plan to profit and implement the plan. Implementation is key. If you want to make an additional $5000 this month in your coaching business, what are the action steps that you need to take today in order to make this happen? Write the steps down.


You Need A Break

I have been busy typing away daily, recording videos, and creating content in preparation for my Branding Academy launch that I almost lost sight of the value of taking care of myself.  Yoga class was the break I needed to refocus on my health and business goals. Sometimes we need to just go outside and smell the roses. Close your computer, cell phone, and tablet and do something fun. Unplug and unwind. 


While I was at yoga, I had systems in place that allowed my business to work without me. #gotsystem Take some time out of your busy day to work out and eat. What good is building a multiple six figure business if I am not around long enough to enjoy it. 


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